Q: Invalid Date Format ?

A: Goto to 'Control Panel' then 'Regional Setting'.In Regional settings click 'Customize' option.In Customize Click Date enter following entries:
For Short date format use :-
For Long date format use :-
MMMM dd, yyyy

Q: Run Time error '374'. Failed to activate control 'vb.userControl'.This control may be incompatible with your application ?.

A: If operating system is window-xp Copy all 'OCX' from folder 'w:vutils\ocx\' to c:\Windows\system32.If operating system is window-98 Copy all 'OCX' from folder 'w:vutils\ocx\' to c:\Windows\system.

Q: Calculator not found ?

A: For Windows 98 - Make sure 'calc.exe' is located in 'c:\windows' folder. For Windows Xp or Windows higher version- Copy 'calc.exe' from 'c:\Windows\system32\calc.exe' and paste to 'c:\windows' folder.

Q: Missing 'OCX' ?

A: You can download OCX from our site 'www.solutions-is.com/downloads.html'

Q: Neccesary Folder For Year End?

A: Create folder name "HMS DATABACKUP" at Server.( c:\HMS DATABACKUP).