In our quest for excellence, we review and improve our methods of activities to delight our clients.


We have more expert peoples always working to provide best service to the clients.


We provide the best quality software and services based on needs on the go.

SOLUTIONS Values innovation, integrity
and commitment in the pursuit of excellence.

SOLUTIONS was established in July 1998 for offering quality technology services to Hotels aiming for business leadership.SOLUTIONS has evloved from a systems department of a Chain of Hotels, the department also undertook software consultancy for other Hotels.

This has helped SOLUTIONS to start with a high profile and a satisfied client base. SOLUTIONS continue to provide services to these clients.

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A leading global provider of technology for the hospitality industry.

We are totally committed to our customers and their needs. In our quest for excellence, we review and improve our methods of activities to delight our clients.Offering quality technology services to Hotels and Restaurants aiming for business leadership and closely evaluates its client's current and future IT needs, to evolve value added technology product.When our teams focus on providing only the best quality support and the right technology solution that meet our client's business needs, only then will our businesses begin to flourish and be on the road to complete success.

In business today, it is important that everyone on our teams understand the goals, mission, vision and values of our company and the effect that having this key information has with our overall client satisfaction. When we have our team aligned with our business goals that client satisfaction is important, our employees and staff are now empowered to make key decisions at our client's office, in our client meetings, with every interaction they are now focused on ensuring that the client is completely satisfied with the dealings that they are having with our businesses. It is very important to our business success to empower the teams we have in place to make critical business decisions that is aligned with our business goals, mission, vision and values.

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Latest News

New Hotsys

Solutions released new version of hotsys software. Application has Integrated Photo Id ,Pick-up Management,C-form , Multiple receptions and can send emails, sms on reservation.

Centralized Management

Centralized Point Of Sale system. Having centralized master management and day to day transfer of transaction to central server.

Device Friendly

New PDA/ITouch/IPhone software for ‘Point Of Sale’ order taking.